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    I would like to know if the pattern for the afghan is available for sale. I am in the U.S. but if it can be purchased for download, I would love to buy it.

    e mail is: susituson@rcn.com

    Posté par susi westwood, 19 décembre 2015 à 20:11 | | Répondre
    • I don't know if you received a response, but if not, the only way is to find patterns in English elsewhere and improvise. The colours really make or break this kind of project, so if you stick to the colours you can create something similar. I also believe that a fairly fine thread was used, probably US size C. Judging from the stitches used, it is not complicated. It all seems to be crocheted together. I prefer this because the tension remains the same as the rest of your work. I crocheted a large afghan based on a photo and stuck to the colours. It was inspired by a Klimt painting (the kiss) and so it had a lot of yellow, pretty much like this beautiful work here!

      Posté par Nicola, 03 novembre 2016 à 21:44 | | Répondre
  • would love to get this pattern. also in US and don't read or understand your language. Is there a way to translate to English.

    Posté par Sandy, 11 mars 2016 à 10:21 | | Répondre
  • Hi, The crochet work is beautiful. Is there a way to obtain the patterns to the blankets and baby clothes? I would love to have them. I too would pay for these. You should make a book out of your work. Thank you

    Posté par Simplyirrisistab, 25 mai 2016 à 19:16 | | Répondre
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